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Stack Against website copywriting

I worked with Stack Against to create conversion-focused comparison pages for B2B SaaS clients. 

Working from Stack Against's detailed research and briefs, I worked on the below pages.

Conversion-focused website copy

What the people at Stack Against say about working with me

"Our projects are not easy. We write a very specific kind of deliverable for clients that not every copywriter gets. And I'm personally involved in reviewing writers' work, which means drafts need to pass a very high bar before they even get to the client.

Barney showed wisdom to understand the strategy behind our work. And he's been growing his skills from day one working with us, meaning every draft he delivers gets easier for me to review and approve.

On top of his copy skills, Barney "gets" the briefs we send his way and knows how to shed a light on the stories we're trying to tell.

Barney knows how to communicate, ask questions and get what he needs to do a good job. This positively impacts his copy work and helps us stay on track with project deadlines and exceed clients' expectations."

Federico Jorge, Founder, Stack Against

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