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Why you should hire an EdTech copywriter

Freelance copywriter for Edtech, AI SaaS, and L & D Tech

An EdTech copywriter specializes in writing content and copy for EdTech companies. Think of it like this: Your content and copy is your online salesman. Your blogs, webpages, landing pages, and emails are on the shop floor (not literally, obviously) building connections with prospects. Letting everyone know how great your product is. And, ultimately, persuading them to take action and become customers.

EdTech copywriters know your audience, your product, and the impact you will have because we’ve spent hours and hours in classrooms and faculty rooms. Hours and hours talking with your prospective customers. We understand their problems and goals because they were (or are) our problems and goals too.

EdTech companies are different. You’re not out here trying to make a quick buck. You want to make an impact and improve lives. An EdTech copywriter knows this (and if they’ve spent any time in education like I have, they want to make an impact too).

There's a problem in EdTech marketing

If you don’t clearly explain how your EdTech tool solves the problems educators, parents, and students face, they won’t care. No matter how great your features are.

My 15+ years in education taught me that educators are skeptical. They’ve heard all about “revolutionary” products and methods before.

When EdTech brands say they’re the future of education without backing up their claims, eyes roll in faculty rooms around the world.

Because busy educators and parents don’t have time for platitudes, exaggerated claims, and vague marketing. They need specific and clear messaging they can understand in the 2 minutes before class. Or in the short window between dinnertime and bedtime.

But EdTech brands still use fuzzy language. They talk about “unlocking potential,” “empowering” people, and “revolutionizing” how we teach and learn.

When you use this generic messaging, your EdTech product gets lumped in with all the rest. And you throw away all the years of hard work spent building your awesome tool.

Your prospects read your website copy and content and forget about your brand. Then they get on with raising their kids or teaching our young people (or they give money to your competitors).

To get results, copy and content need to relate to your prospects. They need to sound like something they’d say or think. Luckily, EdTech copywriters who’ve worked in education have the insights and knowledge to do this. They know how students, educators, and parents talk. They know the problems they face. They know the pain these problems cause.

How I can help you

To your prospects, you’re one of many EdTech tools. One of many products they’re considering. Products that, let’s be honest, have pretty similar features.

Unless you can win the comparison going on in your prospect’s head, your product gets bunched up with the rest.

How do you stand out from the crowd? With copy and content that resonates with your prospects.

Copy and content from a copywriter who learns your prospects and product inside out. How they talk about you. How much they know about you. And why they will or won’t buy from you.

Because great copywriting doesn’t start with words. Great copywriting starts with great research.

The words that resonate with your prospects, compel them to take the next step and make them feel good about becoming your customer come later.


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